About Thorsten Hagemann

Thorsten Hagemann is a cycling enthusiast who loves the feeling of freedom that the open road provides. With each ride, Hagemann finds himself even more appreciative of the physical, mental, social, and environmental benefits that cycling bestows upon the rider.   

For Hagemann, cycling provides the perfect combination of exercise and exploration. He enjoys hopping on his bike and immersing himself in the outdoors. Hagemann prefers cycling over running because it gives you the opportunity to actually admire and absorb your surroundings. Cycling has forever changed Hagemann’s perspective on the people and places that have surrounded him throughout his life.

Professional Background:

Thorsten Hagemann is a seasoned medical professional and entrepreneur who has amassed over 17 years of experience within the healthcare industry. With a passion for building a more healthy society, Hagemann has dedicated his work in recent years towards the prevention of cancer and other diseases through the use of functional medicine and nutrition.

In 2014, Hagemann founded MedAdvise Ltd., a consultancy company focused on the education of the general public and prevention of illness through functional medicine. With an understanding that preventative medicine is often ignored, Hagemann was motivated to learn more about the prevention of illness and use this information to educate others so they can live more prosperous lives.